101 in 1001

I recently published my Bucket List on this blog with the hope that it would inspire me to start fulfilling some of my dreams. After a couple of weeks I noticed that a few other bloggers had read and liked my post. I was shocked! I really didn’t believe anyone was reading my posts. I write them for myself as they tend to help me work through my thoughts and deal with my emotions. That being said, I was quiet happy to see that other people enjoyed what I wrote even if only because they themselves were writing similar lists. It inspired me to read their blogs and I noticed that several writers were participating in something called Project Zero: 101 things in 1001 days. It is a challenge where you set yourself 101 goals, both big and small, to accomplish in what amounts to about 2.75 years. When I discovered that the website allows you to track your progress and highlight your successes with photos, I was sold. So I created my own list. I currently have 85 99 101 115 items on my list and hope to add the other 16 2 0 (+14 oops!) as I go. I will track my successes here!

So starting on January 1st 2013, I set out to complete this list by September 29th 2015. Which incidentally is two weeks before my 30th birthday. The serendipity of that is more than I can resist. I am honestly not sure if it is possible to accomplish all my goals in 1001 days but I am certain I will have fun trying!

  1. run a 10k race
  2. take yoga teacher training
  3. live in europe (Completed! Starting March 2013)
  4. climb a mountain
  5. read all BBC top 200 books
  6. participate in an act of civil disobedience
  7. take a champagne tour, a wine tour, and a brewery tour (Completed! July 2012, Nov. 2012, and Jan 2013  respectively)
  8. speak french fluently
  9. attend a service in a mosque, a synagogue, a buddhist temple, and a roman catholic church
  10. learn to sail
  11. get paid to be outside and hike
  12. wear a size 12 or less
  13. sing in a karaoke bar (Completed!April 2013)
  14. bike across a country
  15. learn to can food and make pickles, chutney and jams
  16. take trip on a long-boat on a canal
  17. maintain a blog for a year
  18. live in a communal village
  19. try hakka style food (Completed! Jan 2013)
  20. milk a happy cow
  21. visit every continent
  22. go to a moonlight party in thailand
  23. complete a triathlon
  24. ride in a hot air balloon
  25. go scuba diving
  26. go to oktoberfest in germany
  27. see the northern lights
  28. visit the great barrier reef
  29. walk the camino trail
  30. go sugar-free and fried food-free for 30 days
  31. visit tate modern 
  32. see the pyramids
  33. learn to play chess
  34. get a tattoo
  35. brew wine or beer
  36. knit something to completion (Completed! Jan 2013)
  37. get a master’s degree
  38. workout for an hour a day, 5 days a week, for 4 weeks straight
  39. own a boat
  40. see sea turtles hatching
  41. go on a yoga retreat
  42. stay silent for a week
  43. attend st. patrick’s day in dublin (CompletedMarch 2013)
  44. learn enough spanish to get by in a spanish speaking country
  45. work in the tourism industry
  46. visit the UN
  47. visit mecca
  48. ride the eye in london
  49. go on a literary holiday
  50. go to algeria
  51. be a regular at a local bar
  52. travel to another country alone (Completed! September 2013)
  53. sleep in a castle
  54. kiss someone from every continent (not all in one day!)
  55. see the cherry blossoms bloom in japan
  56. learn to make cheese
  57. quit my job (Completed! Feb 2013)
  58. learn to read tarot cards (Completed! July 2013)
  59. organize photos both digital and print
  60. make pesto from locally grown basil
  61. wear a little red dress to a fabulous event
  62. volunteer at a food bank
  63. do 30 days straight of yoga
  64. complete all 80 cryptic crosswords in the times cryptic crossword book
  65. be a vegan for a week (Completed Feb 2014)
  66. watch 10 oscar winners for best documentary
  67. keep a daily diary for a year 
  68. become a British Citizen (Completed! Feb 2013) 
  69. find out my blood type and donate blood
  70. buy a lottery ticket (Completed! Feb 2013)
  71. go on a friends-only vacation
  72. write a letter to myself to open in 1001 days
  73. get a massage (Completed! Feb 2013)
  74. learn to drive stick shift
  75. write a piece of fiction
  76. improve my posture
  77. read the Qur’an and the Bible
  78. have my fortune told
  79. attend the opening of an art exhibit
  80. go geocaching
  81. visit 5 UNESCO world heritage sites (Completed! July 2013)
  82. go on a blind date
  83. go on a picnic by the sea (Completed!June 2013)
  84. chronicle a year in my life through photos
  85. turn off facebook for a month (or more)
  86. do something absolutely spontaneous
  87. allow my hair to be its natural colour
  88. change someone’s life for the better
  89. loose 50 pounds
  90. host a dinner party
  91. go dumpster diving and eat my gleanings 
  92. learn to cook green thai curry from scratch
  93. floss for 90 days straight
  94. commit to the 100 mile diet for 30 days and blog a recipe a day
  95. do my taxes (Completed! March 2013)
  96. ride a double decker bus (Completed!April 2013)
  97. get involved in a theatre group
  98. drink wine in tuscany
  99. soak in a mud bath
  100. go horseback riding on a beach
  101. ride the swing and a roller-coaster at an amusement park
  102. get a henna tattoo
  103. participate in a Holi colour festival
  104. do archery
  105. take a writing class
  106. eat lobster
  107. spend a day at the (horse) races 
  108. soak in a natural hot spring
  109. eat from a street food cart in south east asia
  110. wear a bikini
  111. ride on the back of a moped
  112. spend a week on a boat
  113. take a road trip in a VW van
  114. own a string of real pearls
  115. ride the Trans-Mongolian or Trans-Siberian trains
  116. go hand gliding 

7 thoughts on “101 in 1001

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  4. That’s a nice list. I also have my own and will be finished on June 2015. Good luck for both of us 😀

    Chachi ♥

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