#5 – The Time That I Explored The World Through Beverages…Part 1

Sometimes it can be tricky to have a full-fledged adventure and find the new in everyday life. But the way I see it food and drink are samples of life from around the world and can provide a glimpse of  the unknown. Sometimes a new experience is no farther away than your local pub.

Without future ado, the plan: I will try one new drink per week and share all the lovely details with you, my imaginary readers.  While I am no sommelier (wine expert), cicerone (beer expert, who knew!), or liquor connoisseur, I’ll use these experiences to ponder the situations in which we enjoy a friendly drink. I think it will be interesting to see with who, where and how I spend my social hours. I foresee a nice Resling with coworkers on a friday evening, an ale with my dad on a long weekend, really expensive champagne with my closest friends, rum straight from the islands with a certain brother-in-law, maybe even eventually a lovely Merlot on a date… Seeing the future in terms of booze just made me very, very happy!

First up, I raise a glass to myself. Tonight I sit at home, alone, on a Friday night. I am eating takeout, watching a romantic comedy and knitting. All I am missing is a cat (which coincidentally, my mum will be dropping off for me to babysit tomorrow). I am a caricature of spinsterhood. But surprisingly I am not upset. Don’t get me wrong, I am still broken-hearted and lonely but I don’t feel bad that I am alone tonight. I think it is perfectly ok to take time to yourself, to relax, to reflect. I even think it is ok to take time to be sad, to wallow, to mourn. As long as in the end you can remember all the amazing, exciting things that make up your life. As long as eventually you can go out and enjoy your hobbies again. As long as you don’t forget what it means to love your family, your friends and yourself.

With that in mind I opened a lovely bottle of Côtes-du-Rhône, a white wine from France. I chose it not for it name (which is almost always how I choose drinks, shh don’t tell!), nor its price tag, nor a recommendation, but simply because when I saw it on the shelf I knew I wanted it. Sometimes you just have to trust yourself.

And so today I say yes to a future filled with toasts to health, happiness, and loved ones. To enjoying the finer things in life. To celebrating this moment for all that it is.



You cannot be lonely if you like the person you are alone with. 



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