World Beverages Part 2: Italian Wine and A Decade of Friendship

What: Red Wine, Italy – Farnese Sangiovese & Montepulciano D’Abruzzo

Where: Friend’s Apartment, Toronto

Who: Highschool girl friends

The Story:

This past weekend I had the fabulous opportunity to spend time with two of my friends from high school and took the opportunity to  have my second adventure in drinking! This time I went with red wine from Italy. And since it was a Friday night with some fantastic girl friends, I though why not get two bottles?

We don’t see each other all that often so it was a nice opportunity to reconnect. We did the typical things like looking at old yearbooks, comparing who we had seen recently, who was married, who had kids. We caught up on each other lives. The three of us are in a surprisingly similar place. We are all single, have completed schooling, are working in jobs in our field. And yet we all expressed the same need for change, for adventure, for travel. We have all lived in multiple cities, all had relationships, all had great jobs, but we simply weren’t happy to stay were we were, to settle down. Comparing ourselves to friends who have bought homes, gotten married, had kids, and had the same jobs for years, I wondered how we could be so different and what it means. Are they happier than us? Did they settle? Or were we missing out?

I started to think  some pretty existential thoughts: In the years since high school what have I accomplished? How has my life changed? How have I changed? I started worrying if my choices had been right, if I had lost my way, if I was caught in a long series of mistakes. The I realized that all choices are valid. All journeys are different. That we all find happiness in different places. So I took deep breath, drank some wine and started dancing to pop music with friends I have known for a decade. And I knew that in that moment there was no where else I would rather be.

It is hard to dance with the devil on your back, so shake him off! – Florence and the Machine


Red WIne Italy



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