World Beverages Part 4: Sassy Punch and the Bar Scene

What: Sassy Punch – equal parts energy drink, sports drink, alcohol, fruit

Where: Irish Embassy

Who: Roommate, her friends, some bar guys

The Story:

Last night I had the pleasure of being introduced to Sassy Punch. It is a magical boozy concoction that drunkifies, energizes and hydrates! I think if my sources knew I was unveiling their secret recipe they would kill me but I feel I must share their wisdom with the world. This beautiful beverage saved me a from a way-too-drunk night and yet another dire hangover. I plan on making it my go to for all future let’s-get-wasted-and-go-dancing nights. The genius of the drink is its versatility – all you need is some variety of the four main ingredients and you stir ’em up! That may or may not be a metaphor for life.

The night was a totally typical bar night – tons of drinking, minor tiffs with friends, kinda jerky bar guys, a little self-pitying crying and yet, I can still say I had a good time. The night ended with girl talk, snacks and the feeling that while the bar scene can have its flaws, going out dancing, talking to randoms and taking a million photos is still really fun when you are with your friends.

I don’t wanna go to sleep. I wanna stay up all night. I wanna just screw around. I don’t wanna think about what’s gonna be after this. I wanna just live right now – Ke$ha

ok I stole this off the internet because we drunkenly forgot to take a photo...



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