Book Club Part 2: 1984

1984. George Orwell. 1949.

Big Brother is watching you. A phrase I have known my whole life without understanding it’s true meaning. I now know the horrors it represents in vivid detail. I read this book to not only understand the literary references but also to comprehend what a post-WWII author considered a dystopia. I am glad I chose to read it but I can’t say I actually enjoyed doing so.

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#15 – The Time That I Flossed For 90 Days Straight (Part 1 of 2) …

Yup it’s a bit odd to make repetitive flossing a first but I’ve decided that part of my 101 goals needs to be prioritize my health and this seems like a good easy place to start. I have always valued my teeth and worked hard to keep them strong. I have seen more than one loved one suffer through painful reconstructive procedures and want to avoid this myself. I believe in preventative care and holistic medicine. And yet, knowing the value of good advice and consistently following it are two very different things. Luckily, this blog has taught me one thing – putting a goal down in black and white, stating your intentions to the universe, and making a public declaration, that can be a powerful motivator.

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#14 – The Time I Started A Cryptic Crossword Tradition (Part 1 of 2) …

I’ve never been very good at keeping in touch. I don’t exactly know why, it isn’t that I don’t want to speak to my loved ones or keep with what is going on in their lives but the actual act seems to overwhelm me. When I was living in Edmonton, I only rarely spoke to my family and always after they initiated it. I don’t want this pattern to repeat itself when I move overseas. I want to make a more concerted effort to regularly communicate and keep up to date on the events in the lives of my loved ones. This time I have skype, facebook, and this blog to share information but I want to have a plan in place to talk regularly.

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#13 – The Time That I Bought A Lottery Ticket…

I’ve come to realize that doing new things makes me nervous. I thought that this would be reserved for big firsts like moving overseas, going scuba diving or getting a tattoo, but as it turns out the simple act of buying a lottery ticket for the first time made me a little jumpy.

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#12 – The Time That I Quit My Job…

I have a confession. I started writing this post before I had actually handed in my resignation. I was really nervous and unsure of my decision. I had been waiting for what felt like an eternity to get my British Citizenship and then suddenly it was here and my plans could become a reality. Very quickly. My travel companion had left on the previous Monday for Belfast with plans to get us an apartment for the following month. Suddenly I was alone in Toronto confused, stressed and somewhat shell shocked. I was facing a huge decision. Was I actually going to quit my job? With nothing concrete lined up? It all felt so very, very unreal. My response was to face my apprehensions one at a time and come to terms with them. I wanted this to be a decision I made myself, for myself so I could go without (too much) regret.

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