#15 – The Time That I Flossed For 90 Days Straight (Part 1 of 2) …

Yup it’s a bit odd to make repetitive flossing a first but I’ve decided that part of my 101 goals needs to be prioritize my health and this seems like a good easy place to start. I have always valued my teeth and worked hard to keep them strong. I have seen more than one loved one suffer through painful reconstructive procedures and want to avoid this myself. I believe in preventative care and holistic medicine. And yet, knowing the value of good advice and consistently following it are two very different things. Luckily, this blog has taught me one thing – putting a goal down in black and white, stating your intentions to the universe, and making a public declaration, that can be a powerful motivator.


And so here I am publicly committing to floss for 90 days straight. If I miss a day, the tally starts again. I decided to commit to 90 days because I hope that after that time I will have the makings of a life long habit. Considering how often I fall asleep on top of my bed with the light on, this is going to be quite the challenge for me. I am betting I restart a half a dozen times before I make it to the end. And honestly I think that is ok, sometimes it takes a few false starts before we hit our stride. It’s all part of the learning process. And it’s funny how much easier something becomes once it is part of your routine. And I hope that this good habit will lend itself to encouraging me to return my other healthy habits. More on that soon I hope.

I officially started for the first time on Feb 14th 2013 which means my first attempt will take me to May 14th. I know not what my life will be like then, but my teeth will be clean.

Today I say yes to good health. Yes to cherishing what we have and committing to protect it. Yes to good habits.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.

Borrowed from The Oatmeal

Borrowed from The Oatmeal. (I hope that’s ok because I friggin’ love The Oatmeal)

Update: Attempt #1, two weeks in and still going strong. I even flossed on a night I came home late and drunk! Win!

Update: Attempt #1 failed due to a drunken night (ok nights!) but I start again today – April 21st – so I will aim to continue until July 19th!

Update: Crap. Attempt #2 failed. Starting again. May 7th 2013. 


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