#17 – The Time I Packed Up My Life and Moved to Europe…

Passport received. Job resigned. Apartment sublet. Flight booked. Phone cancelled. To do list completed. This is really happening. I am leaving.

All that is left is to do is pack my bags and say my goodbyes. I haven’t wrapped my heart or my mind around the goodbyes, so for now I will focus on the packing. Deciding what to bring on trip of of indeterminate length with no concrete end destination is next to impossible. I am trying to cover all possible situations, bring all my favorite items, prepare for all weather types – all while staying within a 50 pound luggage limit. I have my ideal list but I’m sure I will slowly remove things as I attempt to fit it in a suitcase and pack…

Packing List:

  • Shoes: brown & black boots, running shoes, heels, black flats, sandals
  • Outerwear: rain coat, fleece jacket, blue peacoat, trench coat, jean jacket, black jacket
  • Exercise: running outfit (x2), yoga outfit, bathing suits (x2), sweatpants and tank top
  • Pants: jeans, black pants, green pants, gray pants
  • Skirts: red, black, grey
  • Tops: tank tops (4), long sleeve (1), fancy (2)
  • Dresses: fancy (2), casual warm (2), casual cool (3),
  • Electronics: laptop. kobo, grandad’s camera
  • Hair: curling iron, flat iron
  • Sweaters: purple zip, thick black, knit 
  • Toiletries: facewash, contact solution, lotions, toothbrush & floss, first aid, comb
  • Make up: various
  • Hat, mitts, umbrella, headbands, scarf
  • Belts (2), scarves (2), jewelry (4)
  • Sheet set, towel (2)
  • Bags: travelpack, small backpack, purse

After going through all of my stuff I have 6 totes of items to send to my parents house for storage, one huge bag of items to donate to charity, a few bags of stuff for my sister and my friends and then my travel gear (1 suitcase, 1 pack). I can’t believe that a life can boil down to so little and yet I can’t believe how much unnecessary stuff I have collected. This journey for me is about rediscovering myself, reconnecting with life and recharging my weary spirit. Hopefully letting go of this physical baggage will help me release my emotional baggage too. 

So today I say yes to getting organized, yes to remembering that things don’t define a person and yes to physically moving on. 

Bon voyage,


Maybe the past is an anchor holding us back. Maybe, you have to let go of who you are to become who you will be.

Bon voyage


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