#22 – The Time That I Flew To London For Work…

It sounds so glamourous. Me – an international buisness woman! In the 3 weeks I have been in this job I’ve had the opportunity to visit London twice and Dublin once. In the next couple of months I hope to go to Birhingham, Bristol and Glasgow as well.

It has definitely been exciting and I have to admit I consider travel a benefit of this job and yet, truth be told, it was exhausting and not at all glamourous. I didn’t get to explore London on either trip and my dream of visiting the Tate Modern and riding the Eye hasn’t been fulfilled. (Although interestingly enough both are within walking distance of the head office and you can actually see the Eye from our conference room, so maybe there is hope!) On both trips I had an evening where I could have explored but due to illness, exhaustion and the need to preform at work the following day, I simply went to bed early. 

If I stay with this job I will certainly get the opportunity to go back to London and I’ll make it my mission to stay for an extra few days and really explore. The thing is I can’t see myself staying in Belfast past September. And leaving Belfast would mean leaving this role after only six months. I don’t want to quit before I get started and I obviously don’t want to burn any bridges, but I can tell they want a permanent person with a long term vision and that simply isn’t me. If one of my favorite parts of my job has been visiting London, I think it is pretty clear I am not in this job or this city for the long haul. For now I will choose not to worry about the future but focus on doing the best job I can and learning as many skills as I can while simply letting the future unfold as it may. 

So today I say yes to feeling like a fantastically important classy international business woman.  Yes to learning along the way. And yes to the ethereal beauty of an unknown future.


Remember the past, plan for the future, but live for today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.

london eye


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