World Beverages Part 9: Cava, Tapas and Gothic Cathedral…

What: Cava, Spanish Sparkling Wine

Where: Placa del Pi, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Who: Me and my (newly) 28 year old roommate.

The Story:

Saturday night in Barcelona, a vibrant, romantic, exotic, beautiful, unique city. Sitting in the shadow of the 700 year old gothic Santa Maria del Pi cathedral and staring up with awe at the ornately carved stone gargolyes and richly coloured stain glass windows. Savouring the mouthwatering Spanish tapas of Manchego cheese, stuffed olives, bread with tomatoes, Jamón Ibérico and Patatas Bravas. Toasting to a 28th birthday with a bottle of ice cold, sparkling, sweet and intoxicatingly special Cava. Looking up and realizing that I am in Spain. That I am living my dream of being in Europe. That I am brave enough, smart enough, strong enough. And that I am very very lucky.

We are far from home but we are so happy. Far from home, all alone, but we’re so happy. – Monsters and Men



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