#26 – The Time That I Tried A Green Juice…

Shiny. Bathed-in-light. Happy. Perfect. 

These are the words I associated with people who drink green juices. They were surrounded by an aura of health, vibrancy and happiness. Without being aware of it the idea of consuming everyday vegetables had developed an artificial patina of perfection. Movies, blogs and filtered Instagram photos had warped my perception to the point where I believed drinking a green juice was part of some beautiful unreachable reality. I believed that only beautiful, successful, healthy, stress-free people could drink green juices. I didn’t think I could ever be one of those people. Green juices represented a lifestyle which I desired to live but didn’t believe I could.

After a week spent reading beautiful and inspiring blogs, my suspicions were both confirmed and rejected. These people are living healthy, beautiful lives. But that life isn’t a fantasy that I will never attain. It is a life I can have if I am willing to invest the required time and energy. This week, I took the first step by choosing one green juice recipe and purchasing the lovely, fresh ingredients from a local supermarket. I purposefully chose a recipe with familiar ingredients and, after a good run in the sunshine, I made my first green juice with spinach, lemons, oranges and apples! Simple, pure and delicious. 

After the first attempt I was much less intimated when I tried again the next day. I even mixed it up with different ingredients and more greens. Since then I have done additional reading about superfoods that can be included to increase the nutrient profile. I am now looking forward to going to the farmers market to buy darker greens, herbs and locally produced foods with less chemicals. After only a couple short weeks green juice went being something exotic to being a part of my routine. 

So why is it that we allow ourselves to put certain people, places or things up on a pedestal and think of them as somehow more worthy, more capable, more deserving, more awesome than us? How did I lose sight of that fact that this was a simple change well within my reach and all I had to do was try? Maybe it was my fear of failure. If I never tried, I never had to find out that I couldn’t do it. Often big decision can develop a special status in my heart and I start to doubt my abilities. Before moving overseas I honestly did not believe it was be possible. Before visiting London there were times I doubted I ever would. And yet here I am –  living a life long dream.

I have to believe that while revolutionizing my health habits won’t be quick or easy, it is possible. That if I commit to planning, investing my time and constantly learning I will get there. There being whatever makes me comfortable, happy and healthy. My short-term goal is to add green drinks to my routine, maybe not every day or even every other day, but enough that it becomes a habit. My long-term goal is to try activities I never imagined I could do (10k race anyone?) and give myself the freedom not only to fail, but also to succeed. 

Today I say yes to breaking through self-created barriers. Yes to believing that you are as worthy and as capable as anyone else. And yes to the delicious, shiny, happy life of drinking green smoothies. 


The scariest moment is just before you start.

Green Juice

My Very First Green Lemonade!
Thanks to Amy for sharing!

2+ cups greens (I chose spinach)
2 lemons, peels and pith removed, cut small enough to fit in juicer
2 apples, cored and cut small enough to fit in juicer (I chose gala)
1-2 oranges, peels and pith removed, cut small enough to fit in juicer

Directions: Run greens through the juicer first. Finish with fruit. Serve juice immediately. I tried mine over ice, with a straw as was suggested.


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