World Beverages Part 11: Canada Day Abroad

What: Innis and Gunn Beer

Where: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Who: Three Canadian girls living abroad

The Story:

My one constant, consistent, never-ending complaint about Ireland is the weather. This is a beautiful country it is hard to appreciate it with your hood constantly pulled over your head. In the months I have been here, I have consistently been forced to wear pants, shoes and often a sweater – not a short, dress or sandle in sight. So while I feel so blessed to explore this gorgeous rolling country, I have to confess I desperately miss Canadian summer. And over the Canada Day weekend, my pain was even more acute. My facebook newsfeed was flooded with images of my friends canoeing, BBQing, swimming, drinking, sun tanning, and doing all the activities that make our Canadian summers so memorable. After months of cold, grey days I was starting to question my decision to live in Ireland.

But the always redeeming thing about living in Europe is that another country, culture, and climate is never very far away! And what better way to cast off your blues than to hope on a plane to Scotland. I know what you are thinking, Scotland isn’t exactly an area known for the tropical climate but as it happened we had a beautiful, sunny weekend. From the moment we stood on a beach in the Kingdom of Fife and realized we weren’t getting blown away to the time we saw a field full of wool shed by Highland sheep that were feeling a little too warm, we embraced the (comparatively!) nicer temperatures.

Thanks to the generosity of a Canadian friend living in Edinburgh we not only got free accommodations, we also got the locals tour. What is more local than stopping for a pint after a morning of walking in the closes? The Canadians that we are, we stopped at not one but three unique bars on our impromptu Canada Day Weekend Edinburgh Bar Crawl – the oldest bard in Edinburgh, a third story patio on High Street with a view of Hogwarts castle and a golf themed bar complete with a putting green!

Three Canadian gals celebrating Canada Day weekend by having beer in the sunshine – in Edinburgh! All in all not such a bad way to spend a Canada Day even if we were miles away.

Lived like a gypsy, I’ve been a long time gone now. Maybe someday, someday I’m gonna settle down but I’ve always found my way somehow by taking the long way. – Dixie Chicks

06.30.13 - Edinburgh 20


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