#28 – The Time That I Had An Impromptu Picnic By The Seaside…

Impromptu. One of my favorite words. And definitely one of my favourite ways of travelling. As much as I am a detail-planner, list-maker, over-examiner, control-freak at times, I find that travelling unleashes the free-spirit in me. I often don’t want to know where I’m going, where I’ll be sleeping or what sights I’ll be seeing. There is something magical about just letting it happen because in our over-scheduled, over-fill, over-prescribed lives how often do we really get to leap without looking?

During a recent trip to Edinburgh when I didn’t have a guide book, didn’t get to look at the map and wasn’t responsible for a single decision, I simply went along for the ride. In the past it might have bothered me but I’ve learned that love and life and adventure fragile. If you clench them too tightly, you will destroy them. But if you set them free, they will take flight.

I many unplanned moments in Scotland – Looking out at the stark, desolate beauty of the Highlands and staring into the faces of the saggy Highland Cattle. Visiting St. Andrews’ Cathedral and hearing traditional bag pipes as we walked among the five hundred year old graves. Stopping for the absolute best fish and chips I have ever had and eating while looking out over the harbour where the fish has been sustainably caught by local fishermen that morning.

If i hadn’t let adventure sweep me away, I might never have taken a trip from Edinburgh to Fife. I might never have stopped at the seaside town of Anstruther. And I might have missed out on the freshest, tastiest, most sustainable seaside picnic that I have ever had.

The cure for anything is salt water – tears, sweat, or the sea. 

06.29.13 - Fife 10


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