#32 – The Time That I Considered My Future…

In moments of confusion and apprehension we seek clarity. At times even those we love cannot help. In my longing and loss, I searched my heart but found only conflict. I sought wisdom, understanding and clarity in the cards.

What I found was a sense of peace, of calm, of connection.What I found was heart-breaking. What I found I know to be true in my heart. What I found is only one of the many, many futures that exist.

I read of a grand journey of self-discovery, creativity and adventure. I read of a painful past filled with lies, treachery and broken trust. I read a warning of cunning, deceit and further heart-break. I read a future filled with happiness, lightness and self-worth.

I will continue to search the cards for a glimpse of an unknowable future and for a hint of clarity in a confusing past. I will continue to believe that we are all connected. I will continue to feel the energy that binds us. I will continue to believe in the intangible, in the forces that cannot be seen and the in the truths that cannot be explained.

Today I say yes to energy. To connection. To ritual. To the future.


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. – Eleanor Roosevelt



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