World Beverages Part 13: Cider in the Rain

What: Magners Original Cider

Where: Boucher Road Fields, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Who: Two Belfast friends and a sea of locals.

The Story:

With only two weeks left of August, of summer, of living in Belfast and of spending time with my new friends, I was feeling like I needed to take advantage of each moment. Over these last months I have found that my life in Belfast involves errands, work, and occasionally a night out, but not really appreciating the bits of arts and culture this city has on offer. I always said I didn’t want to live a life where I spent my time counting down to weekends and vacations, but lately that is what my life has become. So my friend invited me to an outdoor, summer concert I thought that I couldn’t say no. What I failed to consider when buying my £50 ticket was that Northern Ireland doesn’t have a summer and anything outdoors inevitably gets rained on. If it been one of my all time favourite artists I might not have minded but in this case the bands were not ones I was very excited about. So my visions of a relaxing day in the sun listening to some good music turned into crowds of young, drunk kids in mud covered field in the cold, pouring rain. I have to say I am getting pretty sick of the disappointment of Belfast events. That £50 could have bought me another day on a Croatian beach. 13 days left in Belfast. Let the countdown begin.

You know the rainy days they ain’t so bad when you’re the king. So rock to the rhythm and bop to the beat of the radio. – Kings of Leon

magners cider


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