7 – The City That Made Me Feel At Home…

Zadar, Croatia – September 18th to 20th 2013



Initial Thoughts: Our ferry sailed into Zadar as the sun slowly crept up over the island dotted waters. The sky was filled with every conceivable shade of red, orange, purple and blue. The quiet harbour was slowly coming to life as locals left their homes to walk to school and work. From the first moments in Zadar, I knew I would love its peaceful, small-town vibe.

Zadar Zadar

Best Moment: I couldn’t pick a favourite moment as the whole three days in Zadar were lovely. I loved strolling along the bright white marble streets, exploring the Roman, Medieval and Christian ruins, swimming in the sparkling Adriatic Sea and, of course my favourite new hobby, eating fresh seafood. After the crowds of Cinque Terre and the rains of Northern Italy, I simply let myself enjoy the relaxing, sunny days of Zadar.



Take Away: For me, as for most independent travellers I would imagine, the best part of travel is seeing a place as it truly is. The way a local might see it on an average Tuesday morning in October. I’m just not that interested in what the tourism board has pre-packaged. And while I know that it seems hypocritical for a visiting foreigner to complain about tourists, but I never enjoy a place as much if there are more guests than locals. While staying in our rented apartment, walking to the beach, going to the grocery story and watching people go about their daily routines, I felt at home.

Zadar Zadar


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