10 – The City Where I Became A Photographer…

Dubrovnik, Croatia – September 30th to October 2nd 2013


Dubrovnik Dubrovnik

Initial Thoughts: My first impression of Dubrovnik was of whiteness. In spite of the rain that was pouring down in buckets I was still amazed by the never ending white stone – the buildings, the columns, the paved streets, the churches, the clock towers, the walls. All white. This effect was only magnified the following day when the sun came out and brilliantly highlighted each white surface, contrasting it against the terracotta orange roofs and many shades of teal reflected in the water. The startlingly blue sky was the perfect backdrop to these vivid colours and showcased the beauty of Dubrovnik. 

Dubrovnik Dubrovnik

Best Moment: When I think of Dubrovnik I think of beautiful vistas seen from up high and looking down at the stunning city colours. It’s clear from my memories and from my photos that my favourite day in Dubrovnik was spent exploring the city walls. We arrived as soon as they opened to avoid the cruise boat crowds and had the views mostly to ourselves. Dubrovnik is fully enclosed by the 800 year old walls and to complete the circuit takes about 2 hours. The day was warm, the sky was crystal clear and the identical red roofed buildings made for a photographers heaven. After walking the walls we visited the Maritime Museum to learn about Dubrovnik’s illustrious seafaring past where my love of naval figurines was clear. That afternoon was visited the Dubrovnik Museum located in the Rector’s Palace where the city’s ancient and gruesome recent past were on display. Visiting the museums after spending the day exploring at the well preserved UNSECO city allowed me to better understand the complex history of Dubrovnik and truly appreciate the city.

Dubrovnik Dubrovnik

Take Away: Somedays it rains, somedays it pours, sometimes the sun comes out. When travelling you simply have to accept that you cannot control the weather and to make the best of each moment as they come. It can be hard to stay positive when you only have a few days in a place and the weather isn’t cooperating but, as in life, you never know when the winds will change.



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