Elle’s Fifty Firsts is an experiment. An effort to put something behind me. A way to cleanse the palate of my heart and soul. A way to move forward. A way to (potentially) have some fun. It might be a terrible idea. It might be a total failure. It might led to public embarrassment. But at the same time, it might be exactly what I need.

I’m Elle and I am an idealist who has lost my reasons to believe. In an effort to find the sense of awe and wonder that I have lost, I will say yes to adventure. Sometimes big, sometimes small, sometimes local, sometimes global, sometimes alone, sometimes surrounded, I will adventure on. Because life is too short to not take risks, too long to not try new things and too unpredictable to not turn right even when the path leads you left.

Recently I read this quote – Life is like a bicycle – to balance you need to keep moving forward.

These adventures are my attempt to do just that.




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