#43 – The Time That I Did A Juice Detox!

This time last year I was standing in the cold misty rain, surrounded by a thousand green revellers, drinking a pint of Guinness. I had just arrived in Ireland and was ringing in St. Patrick’s Day in the heart of Dublin. The chaos, the crowds, the drinks, the newness of it all. It was exactly what I had been craving and what I thought I wanted. So why was I feeling so sad? Continue reading


#11 – The Time That I Went To A Spa…

In December, my mum turned 60. To celebrate this special occasion my sister and I decided to take her for a day at the spa. We wanted her to feel completely relaxed, pampered and special. And so this past Saturday, we went to Elmwood Spa in Toronto. It is an absolutely decadent experience with all the luxuries you could ask for.

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#8 – The Time That I Went On A Brewery Tour…

Lately I have been overwhelmed by saudade, a Portuguese word that refers to the feeling of longing for something or someone that you love and which is lost. When I look around, I see a city haunted by memories. I feel that I have seen everything, been everywhere and experienced all that this city has to offer. Rationally, I know this not to be true. What I love best about this incredible city is that there is always a new restaurant opening, a new festival starting, a new play debuting, a new group to join, a new cause to take up. But over the last year I shared these experiences with someone with whom I was madly in love. Someone who made each moment special. Someone who made me feel excited to be young, alive and living in a vibrant city. Now, I simply don’t have that same enthusiasm. The places I love are tainted and the new have lost their charm.

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