#42 – The Time That I Haggled For Fruit In Croatian…

One warm, sunny morning last October, I walked through a crowded, busy market in the old town of Split. Located just steps away from the harbour I could smell the sea breeze and see the bobbing sailboat from where I stood. I wandered slowly around the packed stalls with their mountains of sweet, ripe, fly-covered fruits and vegetables. No intentions. No thought of where to go. No plan for what to buy. I just observed. Continue reading


10 – The City Where I Became A Photographer…

Dubrovnik, Croatia – September 30th to October 2nd 2013


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9 – The City Where I Enjoyed The Simple Things…

Hvar, Croatia – September 24th to 27th 2013

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8 – The City Where I Took A Personal Day…

Split, Croatia – September 21st to 23rd 2013

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7 – The City That Made Me Feel At Home…

Zadar, Croatia – September 18th to 20th 2013


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