#38 – The Time That I Spent Six Months In Ireland…

This will be my last week as a resident of Northern Ireland. Come this Saturday, I am moving out of my rental house and on to my next adventure. After almost exactly six months here, I feel like it is definitely time to move on. But before I do so, I think it is worth reflecting on my time here, both the good and the bad, and all things I have learned.

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#34 – The Time That I Embraced La Dolce Far Neinte…

Six signs of stress: weight gain, unhealthy skin, caffeine addiction, bleeding gums, heartburn, body aches. I have all six.

My weight is the highest in years. My skin is suffering from terrible, ongoing acne. My energy is gone and my sleep patterns a mess. My exercise routine is non-existent. My mood is terrible. And my life has become a series of never ending to do lists.

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#32 – The Time That I Considered My Future…

In moments of confusion and apprehension we seek clarity. At times even those we love cannot help. In my longing and loss, I searched my heart but found only conflict. I sought wisdom, understanding and clarity in the cards.

What I found was a sense of peace, of calm, of connection.What I found was heart-breaking. What I found I know to be true in my heart. What I found is only one of the many, many futures that exist.

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#30 – The Time That I Detoxed My Skin Care Routine…

My skin has always been an issue. I’ve experienced varying degrees of acne since adolescence and it has always had a big impact on my self esteem. The times when my skin is clear, I feel healthier, happier and more confident. When my skin is flaring up, I simply want to hide inside alone. I’ve tried many, many different treatments including expensive brand-name creams & washes, dangerous pharmaceuticals, and any ‘oil-free, dermatologically-tested, non-pore-clogging’ fad product I could get my hands on. Nothing has ever completely taken care of the issue but certain times in my life have been better or worse.

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