13 – The City Where I Celebrated 28…

Certaldo, Italy – October 11th to 13th 2013


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#36 – The Time That I Played Articulate…

I love board games, I really do. Ever since I was a kid desperately trying to convince my sister to play Children’s Monopoly I’ve love the camaraderie of time spent playing board games. Whether is it on Christmas Eve beside a roaring fire with the family or at a cottage with some drinks and a great group of friends, give me a board game night and I am a happy person.

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A story of love, loss, longing and letting go.

There are so many times I wish I could speak to you but we have finally seemed to escape each others dangerous grasp and I can’t allow us to be pulled back in. My fear is if I carry these emotions with me, I may never let go, I may never move on, I may never heal. And so I choose to write them here. All of the millions of thoughts that I want to tell you but cannot say:

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#9 – The Time That I Went To A One Year Olds Birthday…

This past Sunday I was invited to my sister’s boyfriend’s bestfriend’s baby’s first birthday party. I know that sounds like a complicated, distance connection at best and yet from the moment I walked into the party, I was made to feel like family. Everyone from the grandmas to the 2nd cousins to the childhood best friends welcomed me with open arms and lots of laughter. We chased after balloons, scrambled over jungle gyms, ate delicious homemade curries, coloured with crayons, talked politics and racism, drank boozy drinks, argued over sports, and played with kids on a sugar-high! I spent the day thinking about how much I’ve come to love and appreciate big families. The large families that I have been lucky enough to know always seem to be so hospitable, so welcoming. No matter how many people are at the table, they always make room for more. More people, more food, more conversation, more love.

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