#45 – The Time That I Didn’t Go To The Vatican…

I have never been a very good tourist. I often don’t know what important landmarks a city boasts. I rarely do any research before a trip. I don’t like tour busses. I hate lines. And I don’t like other tourists.

So when everyone told me that I absolutely had to visited the Vatican, I took their advice with a grain of salt. Wanting to make my own decision, I did some basic research. I read about long lines, hordes of visitors taking photos of priceless paintings and strictly controlled access to see the most famous pieces. But I was so intrigued by the complex history, the breathtaking art and the stunning architecture that, against my natural inclination, I decided to visit the Vatican. I should have known better. 

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#28 – The Time That I Had An Impromptu Picnic By The Seaside…

Impromptu. One of my favorite words. And definitely one of my favourite ways of travelling. As much as I am a detail-planner, list-maker, over-examiner, control-freak at times, I find that travelling unleashes the free-spirit in me. I often don’t want to know where I’m going, where I’ll be sleeping or what sights I’ll be seeing. There is something magical about just letting it happen because in our over-scheduled, over-fill, over-prescribed lives how often do we really get to leap without looking?

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#19 – The Time That I Celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland…

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and I was in Ireland! It was what can only be described as an adventure. It certainly wasn’t all sunshine and lollipops, but who says thunderstorms and pints of beer aren’t just as fun?

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#18 – The Time That I Became An Omnivore…

After 15 years of being a vegetarian I decided it was time to expand my culinary horizons so on one rainy night in the UK I ate fish and chips complete with mushy peas and tea. Frankly it wasn’t as shocking as I thought it might be. I predicted that I’d hate the taste and have to choke it down. Others predicted I would love it and immediately see the error of my vegetarian ways. But honestly it wasn’t really either. I ate it without any remorse, guilt, or disgust, but I certainly wasn’t craving any more of it. If that is what the omnivore world has to offer, I really haven’t been missing anything.

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