14 – The Town Where I Went Rural…

Puivert, France – October 14th to 27th 2013


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#35 – The Time That I Ate Cupcakes Near A Waterfall…

A car pulls off the highway and parks in an overcrowded lot. Four tourists stumble out of their rental car. They carry with them four overly large cupcakes in a pink, cardboard box. A 200m paved path leads to the base of a waterfall. They immediately pull out their cameras to ‘capture the moment’. A few generic photos later, they dive into their stale, excessively¬†sugary, opulent desserts. The quality of the cupcake is poor, but they eat them anyways. Photos safely instagramed and carbs safely consumed, they head back down the path, stuff themselves back into the car and spend the rest of the day driving past beautiful vistas without even taking the time to pause.

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